Yay I graduated, now what?


For many college students, graduation is just around the corner, and the thought of entering the workforce is terrifying. Not to mention the constant reminders that we are in one of the worst economic situations. Searching for a job can be exhausting, scary and daunting. I am currently on the hunt for an internship: You know it’s bad when people aren’t looking for free help because they don’t have enough staff to support training and mentoring interns.

Although I am just a junior, I feel the heat and pressures of the job search. I recently went on four informational interviews to figure out where in PR I wanted to start out. Along the way, I learned some valuable tips for students.


Every person I talked to emphasized the importance of writing skills. Without hesitation, all four women told me that if there is only one thing that I take away from the University of Oregon it better be the ability to write. Most everything else that you will do in a job can be learned on-site, but writing is something that must be known and continuously worked on to be successful.


If you haven’t secured a job or internship, offer your free time to a non-profit and ask if you can help with their communications department. Offer to do tasks within your field of “expertise.” Having multiple internships will show employers that you didn’t just sit around waiting for a job to come to you, but rather you were proactive and continued to use your PR skills while searching for a job.


I emphasized in my first blog the importance of networking: Believe me it’s crucial. Every time you meet with someone ask them if you should get in contact with someone they know. By doing this you can create a large network of potential employers and referrals, the more the better.


When a professional meets with you or you talk with someone at a function, write them a thank you note. Instead of thanking a person via e-mail, handwrite them a note. A friend of mine got a job because she hand wrote a thank you note. Since hearing her story I have adopted the practice in the hopes I will be as lucky.  Every time you meet with someone and they provide advice, make sure you acknowledge that you appreciate their time and insight.


Let it be known that you are looking for a job or internship. Do this through social media networks. You never know who will read you tweet, blog, status update or Linkedin profile and have a job or know someone who has a job you would be interested in. Word of mouth is not just successful for businesses; everyone can benefit from these tools.

To find more tips check out:

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Also check out UO Alum Beth Evans she writes about finding a job abroad really interesting check her out!

2 thoughts on “Yay I graduated, now what?

  1. Hi Mariah,

    I just posted a blog similar to this! I am graduating in less than two months and am scared straight! Thanks for the links for specific PR Web sites for job searching! I am hoping that the PR field is one of those industries that hasn’t been hit too hard by the economy.

    It would be nice if I could be in school for another year to avoid the job search in a tough economy. However, I recently started investigating graduate school for PR and everyone who I have spoken to says that it isn’t worth the money or time for our major. As far as the PR field goes, experience is more beneficial than a Masters or P.h.D.

    Anyway, thanks for the post!


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