A No Bull Method to Self-Promotion

This guy get’s it! So thank you Headphonaught

From the hilarious, articulate and self-proclaimed harnesser of ADOS (attention Deficit Ooh Shiny) Peter Shankman, came this simple and perceptive quote, “When self-promotion is done right, it’s not self-promotion.” You might read this and think, huh? However, Peter knows what he is talking about and he made that very clear with his closing Keynote speech at the 2010 Portland Communicators Conference. It takes talent to capture an audience that just sat through 6 hours of breakout informational sessions and presentations.

His point being, if you are a genuine, transparent and relevant person, others will do your self-promo for you. Shankman truly believes, and I have a feeling he is on to something, that the simple action of helping others without having an agenda will inadvertently save the world: helping is beneficial by default.

Shankman outlined four quick rules on how to he does self-promo

Transparency:When you screw up, admit it and move on.

Relevance: Find out how your audience likes to get their info by asking them.

Brevity: Know your audience and speak to them in a language they relate to, oh yeah and learn how to write!

Top-of-mind presence: Don’t just be recalled be remembered. Have your own brand name recognition.

Self promo is being, simply, “That Girl or Guy” who can get you out of a jam.

Who is that guy/girl?

– The one whose emails you read.

– The one who never wastes your time.

– Te one who always has the answer.

– The one you never hesitate to recommend because she or he is the one who makes you look good.

His method is simple and should be common sense, but obviously, that is not true. If it were, Shankman wouldn’t be paid the big bucks to give this presentation all over the country. A great way to start your transition into “that girl/guy” is to find a piece of “finders candy” and send it to people you know would appreciate the gesture. People don’t want to hear about YOU, instead give them a little nugget that they would enjoy or gain value from.

If you gain nothing else from this, remember that everything you do should be a networking event, so find out what thy need and ask, “how can I help?”

I will leave you with my little nugget of finders candy and hope you gain or at least have a laugh! Oh yeah, and thank you for reading my post and have a wonderful day!

1 thought on “A No Bull Method to Self-Promotion

  1. Very well written. I never heard of Peter before the conference and now I can’t get enough of him. I liked his article about waiting in line at the Wendy’s airport; “please” and “thank you”…good read.
    Gummy bear video…hilarious

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